Coordination and management

INHERENT is coordinated by the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING). The network coordinator is responsible for the partnership coordination (coordination of steering and data access committee and general assembly, meeting organisation, contract management, etc.). In addition, the coordinator facilitates work during the implementation phase, coordinates meetings and ensures engagement of all member organizations.

Steering and Data Access Committee (SDAC)

The SDAC, chaired by the coordinator, includes the working group (WG) leaders and one representative of the participating consortia. The SDAC is the strategic lead to oversee all research activities and provide scientific coordination; it is responsible for the operational management of all network activities. Furthermore, the SDAC is in charge of the following main tasks:
  • Implementing the research and training activities.
  • Ensuring equal opportunities and gender balance within the network.
  • Ensuring good communication and exchange of best practices among partners.
  • Coordinating relations with external stakeholders, including links with the private sector.
  • Ensuring effective dissemination of the scientific results and training actions.

During the first two years of the project (2021-2022), the SDAC will also act as the data access committee of INHERENT.

SDAC members:



Marina Kleanthous

ITHANET, Steering Committee Chair

Zilfalil Bin Alwi

HVP GGN, Clinical WG

Ambroise Wonkam


María del Mar Mañú Pereira


Fedele Bonifazi

ARISE, Ethics WG

Leon Tshilolo


Julie Makani


Aurelio Maggio

International Health Repository

Baba Inusa

ARISE, Clinical WG

Obiageli Nnodu

Clinical WG

Sara Trompeter

Clinical WG

Siana Nkya

Genotyping WG

Coralea Stephanou

Genotyping WG

Petros Kountouris

Data management and analysis WG

Kyriaki Michailidou

Data Management and analysis WG

Viviana Giannuzzi

Ethics WG

Kevin Kuo

Knowledge Translation WG

General Assembly (GA)

The GA is the ultimate decision-making body of the network. It is chaired by the network coordinator and includes one representative for each participating centre. It is the decision-making body dealing with issues affecting all members and/or the network as a whole. Furthermore, the GA is in charge of the following tasks:

  • Engagement in promoting INHERENT outside the network.
  • Ensure the proper development of all planned activities.
  • Discuss and agree on substantial project changes.
  • Establish an active and continuous communication and exchange of best practices among the members and any stakeholders involved in INHERENT to maximise the benefits of the partnership.